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    Snack Facts

    Healthy Snack Suggestions

    • Goldfish
    • Cheez Its
    • Animal Crackers
    • Pretzels
    • Graham Crackers/Stix
    • Carrot sticks w/dip
    • Celery sticks w/dip
    • Rice Cakes (flavored minis or big plain with peanut butter, jelly…)
    • Baked tortilla chips w/salsa, cheese
    • Fresh Fruit (apples w/ caramel dip or peanut butter, strawberries w/ lite cool whip, grapes)
    • Mini Muffins
    • Cheese & Crackers
    • Cereal
    • Chex Mix
    • Mini bagels (or ½ bagels) w/jelly, peanut butter, cream cheese
    • Trail Mix
    • Oyster Crackers

    These snacks are not conducive to student served, but are OK once in a while. Let them try to open first!

    • Pudding
    • Yogurt
    • Fruit Bars/Yogurt Bars
    • Unfrozen OR Frozen Gogurt

    Drinks must be milk, 100% juice or water. Please no artificially sweetened or "light" drinks. We can not serve them.

    This list is not exclusive, only something to use as a guideline. Be creative and involve your child. Have fun deciding together what to bring for snack and look at the calendar and see what might fit into the theme!

    Please note that candy and sugary drinks WILL NOT BE SERVED. We will serve a snack reserved at school and expect that it be replaced.

    Thank you for your understanding and trying to keep our kids healthy!