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    Mrs. Perkins

    Hello! My name is Kerry Perkins and I am the Teacher in our 3 year old Preschool classroom. My history with Racine Cooperative Preschool began when I enrolled my oldest child in the 4K program years ago. I was so happy with the school that I enrolled my second child in the 4K program as well. After my second child graduated from the 4K classroom, I began working at RCP as the 4K Assistant Teacher and continued in that position for almost three years. I was very excited to start my Preschool Credential classes through the University of Wisconsin- Platteville in 2016 with a graduation date of Fall 2017. When the Preschool Teacher position was available I was very happy to accept it and start my new career.

    I believe every child has endless possibilities. Each one has their own unique learning styles, individual needs and expression of creativity. There is no "one way" to teach children. I will strive to gain an understanding of each child as an individual. As an Early Childhood Educator, I provide an environment that is engaging, stimulating and promotes the skills necessary for children to be successful in their lives. Through a hands-on, theme based curriculum, I focus on teaching to "the whole child". I assist children in developing positive relationships with peers and support children's families in their overall development.

    I believe children can teach me as much as I teach them, and that Early Childhood Education should be the foundation for a child's life-long love of learning. In our classroom children can be themselves and feel proud of who they are. We will never stop playing, singing, dancing, learning and laughing with children.

    I can be reached through e-mail at