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    Mrs. Blum

    Welcome to our 4K classroom!

    My name is Mrs. Blum and I am very excited to be part of Racine Cooperative Preschool this year! I believe that teaching is a profession that requires endless dedication and determination as well as the ability to effectively shape the minds of the future. I also believe that those of us who choose to make teaching our career do it for the young minds that enter the classroom; that we, as educators, have a love for children and enthusiasm for teaching - we take pride in our career and celebrate the growth of our students. My experiences in different classrooms has taught me how to interact and connect with students with varying personalities, as well as how to adapt skills and curriculum to various cognitive levels. I believe that these opportunities have provided me with invaluable experiences that will afford me continued success as a teacher and has provided me with the knowledge on ways to work with a diverse population of students.

    I keep an open line of communication and can be reached via email at