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    Our History

    The Racine Cooperative Nursery School was formed in 1956 by a small group of parents who wanted to provide their children with a meaningful preschool experience that fostered parent involvement in operation and program. The school opened October 1, 1956 and was granted a state license in January 1959. In May of 1970 we moved into our present location at 2500 North Green Bay Road. Through the years, we have served over 4,000 preschoolers.

    In 2006, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary, as well as, began a relationship with the Racine Unified School District as a Community Partner site for the four year old kindergarten program.

    We are proud of our history, the quality of our teachers, equipment and housing, and grateful to all the parents who have contributed to make the school the best it can be. As members, we are much like a family in that we all want the best for the organization. As a family we must act as one and achieve the ultimate in educational benefit for our children, the children of the future. Racine Cooperative Preschool has been an example to others of an outstanding, truly cooperative preschool, and as the current membership we shall strive to maintain that level of excellence.